US Road Trip 2017, Day 8.

Today consisted of walking my feet off. My goal in life today was to see the old masters. They had to be somewhere in DC. Turns out they are in DC, at the National Gallery of Art. 

Now, the Gallery opens at 11:00am, so I figured I’d head to the Smithsonian Natural History Mussum first, because it opened an hour earlier. 

I was at the Metro and headed into the city at 9:15am. The weekend work crews were no more, so I was on the Metro at the hotel drop off point and headed for the center of liberty.  

I have had a prime complaint since I have been in DC. I can’t find a Metro map that has the Metro lines and the street names where the stops are. It’s super aggravating. This being said, I overshot by two stops and had to walk back down the Mall to the Natural History Museum. 

The Smithsonian NHM is a great place. The collections are well presented and very neatly put together. My one complaint would be, with such a vast collection I would have thought they’d have more comprehensive exhibits. Nevertheless, it was a good experience. 

After a picture of the Hope Diamond, I was on my way down the street to the National Gallery of Art. This place is impressive! Impressive! I love the Old Masters, and the have the Old Masters. The have the only Da Vinci in the Western Hemisphere. The have a good amount of Rubens, Van Dyck, Botticelli, and Titian. They have two rooms of Rembrandt. Absolutely a fabulous collection. 

Not having walked enough, I decided to walk back across the Mall to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. I am happy I made the effort. The displays at the Museum are absolutely worth your time. They’re collections goes from The Spirit of ST Louis to Space Ship One. They have good WW II collections and good Rocket exhibits. The Apollo Gallery is outstanding. 

I took in the Dark Universe showing at the Einstein Planetarium. It was great. I enjoyed a presentation that wasn’t strictly constellations and planets. 

Leaving the Air and Space Museum right at closing time, I headed back to the Metro. The Metro, even st 5:30pm rush hour, was easily navigatable. I made my way back to Bethesda with little issue. 

Dinner and a few drinks at the hotel, and it was feet up. I’m done, son! 

More tomorrow. 

The largest nut on earth. From a coconut tree, somewhere.

The Hope Diamond. 

A Rembrandt self portrait.

The Spirit of ST Louis. 


US road trip 2017, Day 1

I’ve been hanging out for a while now, in between projects. So, in an effort to take some of my own advice, I’m going on a road trip. I figured that I’d take a little time and go see some places I’ve never seen. I would mix those with some places I haven’t been in a while. Should be a good couple weeks.

As with everything I do, the day started with procrastination. Drank a bunch of coffee and tried to find my motivation. I finally did find it about a half a pot in, so I was off. 

The trip started with a drive through the East Texas countryside. I headed south east out of Salado, through Cameron, and on to Houston. The day was hot. Blue sky and puffy white clouds made for a great drive. Small little towns, lots of crop fields, and cows. 

My original destination was going to be the Fine Arts Museum in Houston. I made a couple of wrong turns along the way. There is currently a pile of road construction around Houston. Google maps however, got me were I was headed. Fortunately, theee is a parking garage attached to the Fine Arts Museum at will fit my four wheel drive truck. UN-fortunately, the museum is closed on Mondays. I probably should have read all that stuff on the webpage. 

Oh well, about a three block walk from the garage is the Natural History Museum. It was cool. It was FULL of kids! I mean full! I think they must do summer camps for kids or something. Nevertheless, it was worth the walk.

The breakdown of the Texas countryside and its wildlife was well put together. The hall of paleontology was also worth while. They have lots of dinosaurs, and the hall is well laid out, chronologically. 

On the third floor is the Ancient Equiptian section. It’s not expansive, but it is well laid out and interesting. 

Getting from parking, back onto the interstate is easy. I hit mid-city traffic at the start of afternoon rush hour. The traffic headed south was stop and go, at best. Once I got to the outer edge of the city (route 610) traffic loosened up and smoothed out.

I drove to League City, and pulled up for a late lunch. I remembered from Facebook that the Tilted Kilt opened a new restaurant in League City, so it seemed like the place to stop. The new Kilt was definitely new. It was crazy clean and there was staff everywhere. 

On the way down to Houston the truck developed a shake, so I pulled it into an NTB across the street so they could check the balance on the tires. 40.00$ later, and all four tires rebalanced, things are mechanically good. And, I continue on.

My room for the night is at the Candlewood Suites, in League City. I booked it on The price was right, and I like the way the way the website works. 

Good night all. Go on, get out there!

The East Texas countryside. Somewhere around Holland, Texas.

The world’s largest snail shell, second floor of the museum.

Allosaurus skeleton, Hall of Palentology. 

What I like to call, reflection of a T-Rex. 

Sarcophagus of a man, Hall of Ancient Egypt. The third floor. 
More to come.